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Bamboo Direct offers Canada’s largest selection of QUALITY bamboo hardwood flooring. In addition to Bamboo Direct’s own Builder’s Choice house brand, we also represent several other top bamboo floor manufacturers’ brands, including Bamboo Hardwoods and EcoFusion Flooring. Click below to learn more about each brand of bamboo flooring:

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Bamboo Flooring meets or exceeds the performance of traditional hardwood flooring, and can be specified as a direct replacement. Using sophisticated manufacturing equipment, bamboo strips and strands are processed and bonded into both solid and engineered floor planks.

There are essentially three different types of bamboo flooring grains:

Strand Woven Grain
Compressed and/or fused under high pressure, this product is the Hardest and most durable bamboo flooring product. Not only is it a great bamboo flooring, it is one of the best hardwood flooring alternatives, period.

Vertical Grain / Edge Grain
This version features a clean, contemporary characteristic with the appearance of long, linear hardwood grain. Almost no bamboo “knuckle” pattern is visible.

Horizontal Grain / Flat Grain
The original bamboo pattern and construction, this product features the traditional repeating bamboo “knuckle” pattern.

Not sure of where to start? Please pick the colour you’re most interested in and contact us. We’d be glad to point out the differences between products, make recommendations, and provide a price estimate.