Bamboo Flooring Products

BAMBOO DIRECT FLOORING is a premium, pre-finished, engineered hardwood flooring product. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, bamboo strips are processed into multi-layered, tongue-and-groove floor planks. Bamboo flooring meets or exceeds the performance of traditional hardwood flooring, and can be specified as a direct replacement. Our product is of the highest quality and hardest available on the market.


Horizontal Grain Construction – features a distinct traditional bamboo “knuckle” characteristic that repeats naturally throughout the planks.

Horizontal Grain

Vertical Grain Construction – 
features a clean, contemporary characteristic with the appearance of long, flowing, linear hardwood grain.

Vertical Grain


    PF-HG-AHorizontal Grain36-1/2″4-3/4″5/8″
    PF-HG-BHorizontal Grain36″3-5/8″5/8″
Vertical Grain36″3-5/8″5/8″


BAMBOO DIRECT FLOORING is produced in a range of attractive colours. A natural darkening process known as “carbonization” is used, where steam is applied during manufacturing. The resulting heat carbonizes the sugar components of the bamboo stalks, altering their colour as desired. Our quality pre-finished flooring is available in 3 unique colours; Natural Blonde, Tahitian Tan, and Gingersnap Brown.

Colour Samples
 – see the left side of this page (click samples to enlarge).


BAMBOO DIRECT FLOORING solid flooring planks are pre-finished with a 6 stage UV-cured, water-based, German-manufactured aluminum oxide coating. This premium product is extremely durable, non-off-gassing, and features a contemporary matte finish.


In addition to standard tongue-and-groove floor planks, colour-matched, pre-finished accessories are available including:

  • stair treads
  • risers
  • nosing
  • reducers
  • t-mold
  • quarter rounds


25 year limited finish and structural warranty. To view details, click here.

Bamboo is a natural material and variations in colour, texture, and grain pattern occur naturally. Every piece of BAMBOO DIRECT FLOORING will have a unique appearance, and the actual floor planks will vary minimally from samples shown on this Web site. We recommend that you inspect actual product samples prior to making a purchase selection. Product samples are available upon request.

To see our product installed, visit our gallery of bamboo floor installations.

Have questions about our products or bamboo floors? See our bamboo flooring frequently-asked questions, or contact us today with absolutely no obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.